COUNSELING, CONNECTIONS, COMPASSION -With an increase in bullying, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, and physical illness, divorced/single parent families and special needs students; we believe now, more than ever, families need to be ministered to and supported through counseling services.  Parents need support to begin and continue homeschooling and students need help working through these issues.

AID, ASSISTANCE, ACCOMPLISHMENT – HCF provides families with the resources they need to homeschool and give their students what they need.  This aid could be for curriculum or other homeschooling costs, as well as helping families through difficult times.  Loss of jobs or homes, disaster relief, special needs and single parent families need help to work through hard times.

RESOURCES, RELIEF, REASSURANCE – HCF wants to give homeschoolers the tools they need to be successful. Whether it be curriculum, special needs resources, tools, books, training or support, we want families to feel equipped to be successful in their homeschooling journey.

ENCOURAGEMENT, EDUCATIONAL VALUES, EXPERIENCE – This is the key! So many moms and dads know that homeschooling is best for their student, but they don’t always have the knowledge, philosophy of education, or support system. HCF is in place to connect people together so that they can minister, teach and guide these new families through getting started and through  hard days.  There are Veteran homeschoolers that  desire to help others get started on this very rewarding journey.

Next Steps…

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