What is the role of an HCF Mentor?

HCF Mentors are put in place to provide support to new homeschooling families needing foundation, direction, and encouragement. Things like how to navigate the HLA website and how to use Applecore may fall under this support. New homeschooling families need encouragement and a friend or family in which to spend time, talk through struggles and to further understand the foundations and philosophy of homeschooling.

HCF Mentors can also support families who may have homeschooled longer but are going through situations with a child or with their family.  Families who have recently moved to a new area and are wanting to make connections and develop relationships could connect with a mentor as well.

HCF Mentors are the hands and feet of HCF in the local communities. Networking, making connections and strengthening the homeschooling communities in their areas will help HCF to better serve families. Seeing the needs of local families and communicating those needs to HCF can help further develop this aspect of the ministry. HCF Mentors should be looking for other homeschoolers in their communities who may have a passion to serve.

HCF Mentors are volunteers. An HCF Mentor can commit to serving one family or many. HCF’s goal is to have at least one mentor in every state, and in Tennessee, one in each county. Until our goals are reached, mentors may be building relationships with families outside their local communities as well. HCF Mentors are encouraged to incorporate Student Outreach by involving their children and family. This outreach can include sending cards and letters of encouragement, care packages, or if local, planning activities or field trips.

HCF Mentors should focus on the following:

      • Heart of Homeschooling
      • Encouragement and Support
      • Prayer and Relationship
      • Navigating HomeLife Academy
      • Growing their Network

While HCF Mentors are providing direct support to families, each mentor should understand when it is appropriate to direct families back to HLA for academic counseling and support. Mentors should also discern when a family may need further help through an HCF Counselor.

Next Steps…

Please consider giving so that HCF can begin its outreach to homeschoolers in need. Donate now! You can donate through Paypal at contactus@homeschoolcare.org.