HCF’s newest addition is our Student Outreach Program (StOP). StOP self-hate, StOP bullying, StOP fear, StOP self-doubt, StOP and SERVE! The Student Outreach Program of HCF will have branches that will give opportunity for homeschool students to SERVE by learning skills through different avenues and then using those skills to reach out to the community and GIVE back to students in need. On the flip side, these programs will REACH OUT to students who are in need in these areas and who need SUPPORT and opportunities. HCF will offer sponsorships to homeschool students in the community that may otherwise not be able to take advantage of these programs and classes.

ENLIGHTENING THE DARK (ETD) is a program that was created by two local homeschool graduates over the past two years. Bryanna Ruesche and Kennedy Moore started with small classes in theatre and ASL (Sign Language) and these classes have grown into an outreach that is unique and purposeful. They want to do more and they want to do non-profit work that benefit students. So ETD has officially become our flagship Student Outreach Program. Both Kennedy and Bryanna will be heading up their own programs in Therapeutic Arts and Deaf Advocacy through ETD. The foundation of these programs is to reach hurting people and to create solutions for the struggles that they feel and to then teach awareness to others through the arts and through advocacy.

The name “Enlightening the Dark” was created through much thought and prayer encompassing all that these programs intended to create and pursue for students and the community. The “Dark” can present itself in many ways…bullying, fear, anxiety, grief, solitude, lack of being understood… ETD has a focus of “Enlightening” the darkness through communication, study of the arts, advocacy and awareness. Projects such as “Falling in Love with Silence”, for example, is a play utilizing a combination of theatre and character development with sign language, deaf culture, and advocacy. The play deals with the struggles of being deaf, depression, fear, grief and how that relates to loved ones and how to work through.

Future focus for the Therapeutic Arts will include these deep topics in other areas such as fine arts, music, and acting. Character Development and Writing Scripts that focus on areas that need to come to light will allow students to dig deep and reach the hurting through the arts while also working through issues more personal to them.

The Sign Language Program will have a focus on learning to communicate with the deaf community and to learn deaf culture and courtesies as well as to advocate for integration and more options for those within that community; to offer students who are deaf and/or non-verbal and who have not had the opportunities to learn sign language a way to do so.

Another branch of the Student Outreach Program will be through American Heritage Girls (AHG). HCF has committed to becoming the Charter Organization for AHG Troop #0139. AHG’s Program Emphases creates a well-rounded experience for girls. A girl who completes the AHG Program will be a Christ-following servant leader who is honoring, relational, anchored in Christ, and competent: a woman of integrity.